SerialAssistant with PyQt4

As Mainly work as an Electronic Engineer, or embedded production project manager, and although always write software with C or C++, yet anything that relate to GUI  Programmer is out of my territory, as an good Engineer , that is nor forgive, so take some time to study the Python and PyQt4 , with which I make a small SerialAssistant application, which can help to monitor the Serial port data, and the Ui preview as bellow:


at  the same time I also upload the sources code to github  and anyone interesed are welcome to download and test.the links is

Question meet for backup:

1) statusBar, as the default statusbar only show one tempory message, and to show three message at the same time , we need create an our own statusbar, and  add  three  Qlabel.  the code as below:

self.statusmessage = QtGui.QLabel()
self.statustx = QtGui.QLabel()
self.statusrx = QtGui.QLabel()

to show the message we use

self.statusrx.setText("RX: 0 Bytes")

2) when finished the sources code , we need generate the exe file for the computer without python, which we use cx-freeze,the command is

E:\BitBucket\SerialAssistant>cxfreeze --icon=icon.ico --target-name=Seri alsAssistant.e  xe --base-name="Win32GUI"

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